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Oh Weekend! Is It?

After a hectic week a weekend is a much needed relief. The best thing about a weekend is that its not the alarm clock that wakes you up but the loud neighbor talking over the phone.

Sipping a cup of coffee with extra sugar while checking the torrent status I had started last night. Delighted to see “Download Complete”. Checking Facebook status updates “3 comments, 1 friend request, 16 Farmville gift requests and 87 updates from friends”. Gmail says “6 unread mails in Inbox and 23 in Spam”. Decided to clean spam but gave up after 78 mails. Checked ‘bookmyshow’ for Avatar 3D; Happy to see first two rows still have seats left at Growels’ Cinemax. Sure not to miss the 10:30 show tonight.

A weekend also gives an opportunity to finally read the newspaper. 154 pages! including supplements of course. Not enough appetite for such information overdose with already a recommended copy of Forbes India in waiting.

The independence to take a late shower but just before the taps go dry. Its scary that Mumbai is left with very little water. A quick lunch and a long nap on agenda before stepping out for some random shopping and watching Avatar with friends obviously.

Well it did not work as planned. Had a tiring round of shopping. Got myself a GUCCI shirt from FENDI. Well Thanks to the South East Asian countries producing great stuff at cheap prices but with international labels. Replication to perfection! Btw Fendi is a shop at Bandra Hill Road dealing in such stuff.

Saw Paranormal Activity instead. On my lappy. Scary stuff man! I watched it alone in the middle of the night and it sent a chill down my spine for some shots.

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    February 17, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    hmm….its really nice!!

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