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Love, Coffee & Confusion

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I stood on the crowded pavement when she held my hand from behind.

Extremely delighted something inside my head flashed “you got her dude ”

“How long have you been here?” she asked

For ages said my mind but my tongue had a mind of its own “Ya, not long!” it said.

“So you changed your mind” the subconscious portion of my mind took over and asked

“There’s something called a coffee shop!” she reminded

“Oh yes!” I said as if I had forgotten

‘CCD’ are the three words that have mushroomed across the country. Maybe Indians now have a much better appetite for coffee

Truly expecting a lot to happen over coffee we went in.

“Cappuccino?” she asked. Oh I love cappuccino and couldn’t resist saying “yes”.

“So” we both said together; We were at equal excitement level it seemed.

And then waited for almost 36 seconds for each other to speak the next word.

On the 37th second I finally spoke ” So you changed your mind. Finally!”

“Well, I thought about it and decided that you are not that bad either” she said

Why can’t girls talk simple in complicated situations in particular? I thought

I couldn’t convince myself to take it as a compliment and stared at her for an explanation

She smiled and said ” Two cappuccinos, please”. Oh the waiter. I realized

“Does that mean yes?” I asked. I prefer keeping things simple in all situations

“Well not really. I am a little confused. Give me some time” she confused me again

“We can be good friends. We’ll get to know each other better” she added

I couldn’t decide whether to be delighted by the fact that she is still interested or get disappointed because she did not accept my proposal

I wonder why CCD guys design a heart on every cappuccinos. And why the hell the heart in my cup seemed incomplete!

I poured two sachets of sugar on the heart and dissolved the heart and the sugar both

“Sure we can be friends and you can take you own sweet time” I assured

Nah! This is not my story. Well sort of.

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