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A rainbow too far

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

As soon as she stepped out of what she thought was paradise

She found a new life or rather a new meaning to his existing life

A feeling so strange she had never experienced before

Difficult it was for her to understand whether what she found made her happy

Or was it the sudden loss of what she thought was happiness for her

She moved ahead with her undecided mind as the only companion

Strong she was not to look back and smiled all the way ahead in search of the undefined

Thoughts that tried to pull her, intoxicated her with a strong sense of satisfaction

Overpowering the pull-back and empowering her to move to the next step

Flaunting ignorance as her only jewel and her innocent smile the only garb

Away she walked from the crossroads in search of a rainbow

Tears she thought were raindrops

Drenched in sorrow and enjoying the downpour with a smile

Tapping her feet to the tunes of the thunderstorm

Brave she was to climb the hill, or so she thought

The view from top was enchanting or the visible distance painful

She couldn’t tell

But her tears bled to the heart

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