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Keep an eye on the butt

keepaneye Considered one of the most attractive parts of a woman’s body, how could marketers not think of focusing on butts before! Marketing agencies have now fixed their eyeballs on women’s bottoms with Reebok taking a lead and others following suit.

Shaping up your butt couldn’t be simpler than just walking around in your Reebok shoes. Skeptical though of the benefits these pair would have on someone’s bottom, it certainly would firm up the company’s bottom(line).

It took me a while to accept the fact that Reebok is actually trying to sell shoes by promising a better butt. Television screens splashed with seductive pairs of ‘you-know-what’ moving up and down after every few minutes as a part of the campaign to give Indian women a better bottom.

With its EasyTone technology Reebok has made a smart move to stand out of the competition. Female obsession for better curves is widely known and has shaped up an equivalent ‘silicon valley’. However, it will be challenging for Reebok to convince the conservative Indian majority to opt for better curves.

The competition to grab your butt has just begun and Jockey has already joined the bandwagon by launching an underwear that makes your behind more presentable. Marketing over a pair of butt is no longer limited to nappies and the cute ones now share space with ‘hot’ ones.

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