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Not just a Blog

February 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Identity, Network, Fame, Business, Money, Social Cause, Information and even Matrimony……….well this is what a blog means for different people. I realized this at the BlogCamp – Mumbai event today.

A ninth standard blogger who blogs about technology, a 16 yr old boy who runs corporate blogs from other companies and has his own social media management company and a housewife who writes about her experiences were some of them who captivated my thoughts. Then there were those who blog for a cause and those who do it for fun. It so happened for a blogger that he found his perfect match through his blog!

It feels amazing to see how technology affects our lives. This affect however, is for the good.

For me a blog is my confidant. An intimate friend who quietly listens to me at any time of the day or night. Inhibitions if any, that I had about blogging are ruled out now. Thank You BlogCamp!

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Identity crisis

January 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Its strange but true that one has to establish his/her own identity to others. It so happened with a friend of mine who lost his id recently. He had a flight to catch the next day and we had to literally run from pillar to post to convince people that he is the person he is.

Add to the problem my friend doesn’t speak good Hindi. I went along to the local police station to convince them to issue a ‘Pehchaan Patra (Identity Proof). I spoke to one of the officer who seem to had his own version of everything. He thought that my friend might have disobeyed some traffic rule and the cop must have seized his licence and we were there to get a new one. No point of arguing with a cop. He ended up suggesting that we get a certificate that a college id card has been lost.

We thought of atleast trying that and went to another officer. This gentleman said that he could issue a ‘Pehchaan Patra’ only on the basis of some identity proof. Great our system is sound! Really secure!

We finally managed to get some scanned copies of a bunch of relevant documents from Warangal that tried to prove this chap’s identity. Man the power of internet is amazing!

We took the bunch to the airport. The lady at the airline desk was trying to understand our problem when this lady with a very large rounded pair of ……………………..glasses poked her finger in “You have your flight tommorow. I have to catch a flight now” She pushed both of us aside and then asked “I hope you don’t mind if I…” “Sure go ahead” – I said. Miss airline was not really convinced with the documents we produced. The documents had pictures of atleast a few years ago. It is the period in a man’s life when the hormones take a twist and with it changes the whole appearance. And unfortunately this twist happened after the pictures on the document were clicked. But looking at our innocent faces and the bunch of documents she agreed and approved the documents.


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Oh Weekend! Is It?

January 9, 2010 1 comment

After a hectic week a weekend is a much needed relief. The best thing about a weekend is that its not the alarm clock that wakes you up but the loud neighbor talking over the phone.

Sipping a cup of coffee with extra sugar while checking the torrent status I had started last night. Delighted to see “Download Complete”. Checking Facebook status updates “3 comments, 1 friend request, 16 Farmville gift requests and 87 updates from friends”. Gmail says “6 unread mails in Inbox and 23 in Spam”. Decided to clean spam but gave up after 78 mails. Checked ‘bookmyshow’ for Avatar 3D; Happy to see first two rows still have seats left at Growels’ Cinemax. Sure not to miss the 10:30 show tonight.

A weekend also gives an opportunity to finally read the newspaper. 154 pages! including supplements of course. Not enough appetite for such information overdose with already a recommended copy of Forbes India in waiting.

The independence to take a late shower but just before the taps go dry. Its scary that Mumbai is left with very little water. A quick lunch and a long nap on agenda before stepping out for some random shopping and watching Avatar with friends obviously.

Well it did not work as planned. Had a tiring round of shopping. Got myself a GUCCI shirt from FENDI. Well Thanks to the South East Asian countries producing great stuff at cheap prices but with international labels. Replication to perfection! Btw Fendi is a shop at Bandra Hill Road dealing in such stuff.

Saw Paranormal Activity instead. On my lappy. Scary stuff man! I watched it alone in the middle of the night and it sent a chill down my spine for some shots.

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